Jasmine Baird

Canadian National Snowboarder

I seriously think tapping has changed my whole mindset with snowboarding and competing. I honestly felt the best I ever have during practice even though the course is hard and I wasn’t doing everything perfectly, I was able to let that not get to me and to start thinking of the positive phrases we were tapping on last week and I never got too upset. Normally if I fall in practice I get super stressed out and it ruins the rest of my day but I just started thinking of those positive phrases and tapping on the point with my hand over my heart and squeezing my fingertips and literally instantly felt better. I really can’t thank you enough, I think tapping has changed the whole game for me.

Lynda Walker Burton
Director of Finance at Bible for Missions Foundation

Recently, I had the privilege of engaging the services of Kamiyah coaching and would heartily recommend Ted as an Executive Coach. Ted was able to help me flush out my goals for the coaching sessions and consistently exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for a Coach with the executive experience and know-how to take your business leadership skills to the next level then Ted is the right man for the job.

James Gibbs

My first meeting with Ted in the summer of 2019 was an amazing experience that changed the outcome of some situations I was struggling to work through and give me perspective on the next steps I wanted to take in my career. We were able to sit down and break down the different areas of my life into more manageable tasks and then spend a dedicated amount of time analyzing how I felt in each area, what areas I felt required more urgency to address, and then look at how certain areas overlapped and could be tackled to affect other areas. That is a very quick overview of so many other things that happened during that first hour-long session and does not begin to describe the feeling of satisfaction and drive that I left with. Something I personally felt encouraged and inspired by was the knowledge that its good to set goals to get to my next steps in life but there will never come a stopping point to all my goals/problems and it will be a continual process of learning how to make the most effective decisions and learning to correct the errors to the best of my ability. I feel that my time with Ted is equipping me with the skills to deal with those big and small decisions and to become self-aware of how I make those choices. Each meeting provided practical problem-solving skills and solutions to issues that seemed massive but then became a lot smaller and less overwhelming and that was a very helpful skill that I’m still developing and finding use for every day. I would highly recommend even just one coaching session with Ted because there is a lot to learn from him and a lot of fun to be had with him!!


Have you ever found yourself in a very dark place? Struggling to get through the day? You are not sure how you got there but somehow you need help to get out. You are weak, depleted, exhausted, and burnt out. Unmotivated and lacking confidence, you try to pick yourself up only to fall again and again. It was during this time in my life when I was referred to Beth. She didn’t feel sorry for me or fill me with false hope. She was real and honest. I needed to be ready to do the hard work and I was. Together we embarked on a journey of healing, rebuilding and finding my self-worth. With her knowledge, patience, understanding and positive attitude she directed, guided and listened. It was not an easy journey and it is definitely ongoing but absolutely worth it! I feel like I have jumped many hurdles and just scratched the surface. With her guidance, I have become the person I was meant to be. I have energy again. My life doesn’t feel unmanageable or beyond repair. I can cope again. I am ready to face the world and all it has to offer. Thank you Beth for all that you have done for me. Our journey together has been a blessing. Thank you!!


Her journey with EFT and Post-pardum Depression

In my journey to self help and deep healing, I recently had the opportunity of trying Biofield Tuning with Kamiyah coaching. While sceptical at first about trying what looked like some strange hokum or woo woo thing, I have found a profound improvement with it. It has helped to settle and calm emotions and stresses of the moment, as well as to heal long term issues. I had a terrible sense of self worth and several fears. We did the Tuning and over several sessions these issues have slowly bled away. Now I rarely am dealing with these fears and the low self worth issue. The greatest part was it was all relaxing and calming during the sessions, and we did not even have to talk or have deep memories come up. The forks just dealt with it. I would greatly recommend Biofield tuning, if you are having difficulties with something but don’t want to talk about it, or relive past memories. Beth as well does a great job of it, explaining what she is doing at each step and walking you through why she is doing it. The interesting kicker is that while she is doing it, she will have these seemingly random questions or words come up and it turns out to be what was coming up for me in the session or what I was worrying about at the time. I can’t recommend Biofield tuning with Beth at Kamiyah coaching enough.