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Here at Kamiyah Coaching, we believe that everyone has the following needs: Being, Belonging, Believing, and Becoming.

We begin this journey with a variety of assessments to better understand our clients’ personalities, values, and strengths. This is done so that we can go on the unique journey of growth for each individual. From this place of understanding, we work with our clients to identify what they wish to achieve, then help guide them forward through the hard work of growth. A big component of this guidance is taking the goals of our clients and helping to organize them into disciplined and manageable tasks. We believe not just in the theory of change and growth but also in helping clients create a practical approach that is achievable and more likely to be completed or consistently worked on. This is all part of Being. The understanding of who we are, our values and our learned skills.

We developed this approach from personal experience and going through this process ourselves. During our journeys, we discovered that self-improvement and change are best directed and achieved from an “awareness of self-leading to better choices resulting in a greater trust in our abilities.” We bring this understanding to our practice by helping our clients to better understand who they are, how to create and act on better choices, and then evaluate the results.

Finally, we help clients to become self-sufficient so that they can continue this work on their own in the future. This future focus is part of the last three goals, Belonging, Believing, and Becoming.

Belonging and Believing work hand in hand as part of the next step. We look for and develop our relationships in organizations so that we create a sense of belonging. Once our clients feel like they belong somewhere, they are then able to practice the goals and strengths identified. As this process continues, clients apply their strengths in the organization and develop increased self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. This comes from being more connected and their strengths being applied successfully.

We have found that these three Bs are a constant cycle of improvement leading to Becoming. As client self-belief increases, they naturally will continue to apply and develop their strengths towards existing and new goals set for themselves. This leads to clients driving themselves towards becoming the best they can be. So, join us here at Kamiyah Coaching to realize and become the best version of yourself.

Ted Chisholm, Kamiyah Executive Coach

Ted Chisholm is a Senior Executive with a broad business view developed through 30+ years of leadership experience. His areas of expertise include Corporate Finance, Sales & Marketing, IT, HR, and Operations. He has demonstrated strengths in turning organizations around, with strategic and operational challenges, bringing forward a disciplined, structured, and action-oriented management approach. Reporting directly to the global CEO and responsible for providing strategic leadership over all aspects of the Canadian division. He has a unique skill for building the capabilities of an organization through the development of high-performance customer-focused teams.

Ted has a taken several coaching courses from the Adler School of Psychology and is well equipped to partner with you on your journey of growth and discovery. He combines his vast business experience with his coaching training to craft a unique approach for each of his clients. During this partnership, Ted will help you to further identify your strengths, talents and values to better understand who you are as a unique individual.  This information is then used as a platform for your professional development.  

Beth Chisholm, Emotional Freedom Technique Coach

Beth Chisholm brings a vast wealth of experience from different fields to her practice. She has 30+ years of both leading and organizing teams of volunteers and developing them as leaders. She built a middle school breakfast club that regularly fed over 30 students daily, utilizing community volunteers and students. For her hard work, she was recognized with an Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contributions for Public Education. For several years, Beth led a large youth group in partnership with two denominationally different churches. She bridged the differing theological and leadership views to create a thriving youth group. Under her leadership, this youth group went on to make a difference in the Brampton community. This environment was created by focusing on developing the leadership gifts and talents of over 30 leaders. She has always been passionate about uncovering and nourishing people’s natural gifts and talents.  

Beth’s mission is simple: to share proven tools that empower you to create a better life. And, it’s to make you feel a little less alone, to encourage you every step of the way, and laugh a lot as we learn and grow together. She figures if she can save you some of the headaches and heartaches she’s suffered, that’s a life well lived. She is a member of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) International, the premier governing body for EFT professionals worldwide and a certified practitioner with Biofield Tuning. She has completed these courses that have healed and changed her:

  • Level 1 and Level 2  EFT certification with the National EFT Training Institute (NeftTI) and Free Your Emotions/Susan Bushell
  • Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Life Coaching from the Adler Institute of Psychology
  • Certification with Bioflied Tuning which utilizes tuning forks to balance your energy.  
  • Tapping out of Trauma Certified Practitioner
  • Certified & Accredited Advanced EFT International (AAMET) Practitioner

During our partnership, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and development that will enable you to live the life you never thought possible. 

Sean Chisholm Life Coach

Sean Chisholm is a seasoned Life Coach with a wealth of experience in the field of Learning & Development, complemented by his profound knowledge earned through a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. With a career spanning several years, Sean has cultivated a deep understanding of human behaviour, personal development, and the intricacies of organizational dynamics.

Drawing from his academic background and practical experience, Sean excels in guiding individuals towards their personal and professional goals. His unique blend of expertise empowers his clients to unlock their full potential and navigate life’s challenges with confidence and clarity.

Sean’s coaching approach is rooted in the principles of psychology and human behaviour. He possesses a keen ability to tailor his coaching sessions to the specific needs and aspirations of each individual. Through a collaborative partnership, Sean assists his clients in identifying their strengths, passions, and core values, serving as a catalyst for their personal growth and self-discovery.

With a deep commitment to empowering individuals on their journey of personal development, Sean Chisholm stands ready to support and guide you in achieving your life’s aspirations and realizing your fullest potential.

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