Weight Loss Challenge

At this point in your life, I can imagine it is safe to say you are pretty frustrated with your weight loss efforts. You’ve probably had some success with this program or that, but in a predictable pattern, for me anyway, the weight came roaring back, plus even more! Over 90% of diets fail. That’s an astounding number! If the definition of insanity is trying the same thing and expecting different results, perhaps it’s time to try something completely different, a technique that has lasting results. That’s where Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping comes in. What is it exactly and what makes it so different? Tapping is literally tapping on specific meridian points on the upper half of your body. Tapping sends calming messages to your amygdala, that’s the part of your brain responsible for your emotional response. It’s also the part that sends you into fight or flight, flooding your body with cortisol. Too much cortisol can be one of the factors in weight gain. Tapping has been clinically proven to reduce cortisol and take your subconscious mind out of fight or flight. Tapping also rewires your brain changing old habits and patterns. You are literally laying down new neural pathways, changing your habits and behaviours. Tapping allows us to tap, pun intended, into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the part of us that is really in charge. You cannot willpower yourself to a different way of acting and being, your subconscious mind simply won’t allow it. How do we get it to enable us to make changes, Tapping of course!

If you are ready to get off the weight loss treadmill, fill out the form below and join me for 4 weeks of life-changing learning. Sessions will be recorded and posted on our private portal for registered students to see. You will have lifetime access to all resources and videos. 

When: January 10-31st on Tuesday Nights
Platform: Zoom
Price: $300 $150*

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