In the fall of 2014, I was a busy mom, wife and Volunteer Coordinator of a middle-school breakfast program. It was at this program that I got to know the Principal, Debra Allen. She told me that she was leaving her husband and moving to a new apartment, and I offered to help. As we entered her old home, her husband was waiting for her and shot her as I stood helplessly behind. Miraculously, he allowed me to run and escape with my life. What began after that was a desperate search for healing from the debilitating panic attacks and anxiety. I tried all the usual things, talk therapy, supplements, exercise, etc. but nothing really worked. That is until I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT or Tapping). I knew after the shooting I wanted to take what had happened to me and help people, but what form would that take? I decided that life coaching was the way to go. It was at one of the training sessions that a facilitator mentioned that she had discovered EFT and it helped immensely with her resolving her anxiety. I instinctually knew that I needed to know more. I picked up a book and started dabbling with the techniques. The changes in my anxiety were measurable and fast. I was hooked and began the search to know more. I learned that EFT falls under the umbrella of Energy Psychology and has been described as psychological acupuncture.  It blends modern psychology and Chinese acupressure. The practice consists of using your fingers to tap on acupressure points or meridians (similar to those in acupuncture) while talking through the emotional stress that is troubling you, (anxiety, worry, rejection, fear, etc). Think of Tapping as a channel that bypasses your conscious and logical mind to get straight to the subconscious mind to help you process emotions. EFT has the potential to completely change your emotional state, and free you from events of the past. You won’t forget the event, but it can remove the trigger from it. It also has applications to clear limiting beliefs, for weight loss, physical issues, and so much more. Since I discovered Tapping, I have taken two excellent training courses and am now an EFT Practitioner & Transformational Coach, Nationally Certified & Internationally Accredited EFT Practitioner with EFT International. To say that Tapping has changed my life, would be an understatement and it has the potential to do the same for you. If you are ready to experience what taking your life to the next level really means; message me and let us discover together what’s possible.