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What was it that I asked for?

A humble man named Elias lived in a small village nestled between rolling hills and lush meadows. Elias had always possessed a deep compassion for those who suffered, and his heart ached whenever he saw people in pain. He yearned for the power to heal and bring comfort to those in need. Every evening, he would walk to the edge of the forest, beneath the sprawling oak tree, and pray to the heavens, asking the Great Spirit for the gift of healing.

One crisp autumn evening, as Elias knelt under the ancient oak, his voice trembled with earnestness. Spirit, he implored, “grant me the gift of healing, that I may relieve the suffering of my fellow villagers.” His words hung in the chilly air, carried away by the rustling leaves.

As the night grew darker, Elias felt a strange warmth enveloping him. A gentle breeze stirred the leaves, and the branches above him seemed to sway in response to some unseen force. Elias closed his eyes, embracing the sensation, feeling a new kind of energy coursing through his veins.

In the days that followed, Elias began to notice something extraordinary. As he walked through the village, he could sense the pain and ailments of the people around him. He saw the invisible threads that connected their suffering to his newfound energy. It was as if he could absorb their pain, transmute it, and send it back as healing energy.

Word of Elias’s remarkable abilities spread through the village like wildfire. Sick villagers flocked to his cottage, desperate for relief. Elias, guided by the energy he had received from the Spirit, would gently lay his hands on the afflicted, transferring their suffering into himself and then channelling it out as a soothing, restorative force. It was as if he had become a living conduit for the Spirit’s healing grace.

Over time, Elias grew renowned in his village and the surrounding countryside. People came from far and wide to witness the miracle worker who had been blessed with the gift of healing. He selflessly devoted himself to this newfound purpose, tirelessly attending to the sick and injured, never turning anyone away.

One fateful day, as Elias sat beneath the same oak tree where he had made his initial plea, he felt a profound sense of gratitude. “Great” Spirit,” he whispered, “thank you for bestowing upon me the gift of healing. It has been an honour to serve.”

As his eyes closed for the last time, the branches above swayed gently, and a chorus of birds filled the air with their song. Elias’s gift, given in an unexpected way through the mysterious energy techniques given to him, had transformed not only his life but the lives of countless others. His legacy of compassion and healing lived on, a testament to the power of faith and the mysterious ways in which divine gifts can manifest.

Wow, what a ride, Elias went on. He lived a life of gratitude and joy, sharing his gift with others.  I too asked for the gift of healing many years ago, and the answer at the time was ‘not now’. I was not ready yet. Through my life experiences and learning about energy techniques, I have found a way to bring profound healing to people’s lives. The answer to my simple plea came, just not in the way that I expected. It’s through the Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping, Tuning Forks and energy work that I offer the gift of transformation and healing. If you haven’t claimed your free session, I have one with your name on it. Simply message me for a time and date. I can’t wait to share this with you and watch your transformation unfold. 

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