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Life throws us curveballs when we least expect it and are completely unprepared for what is coming our way.  In October 2012 I volunteered to help my friend move when she made the difficult decision to leave her husband. He had been verbally and mentally abusive for years. She believed it was an amicable split, but guess what? It wasn’t. He was there waiting for us when we walked into the house. He shot her to death as I stood helplessly behind her. He allowed me to run and though I escaped with my life, the baggage that came dragging along with me was not so easy to leave behind. It took me over 7 years before I got to the place of growing from the trauma, but I finally got there. Traumatic Growth is a term I wish I didn’t understand so intimately, but alas, here we are. Amid those curveballs life throws at us lies a treasure trove of growth opportunities! 🌟

  1. Supercharged Resilience: Think of suffering as your personal resilience gym! Each hurdle you overcome pumps up your resilience muscles, making you resilient against future challenges.
  2. Growth Spurts: Just like plants need a little rain to grow, we sometimes need a sprinkle of struggle to bloom. Suffering has this magical way of fertilizing our personal growth, helping us flourish into our best selves.
  3. Bonding Bonanza: Ever noticed how shared hardships bring people together like nothing else? It’s like adversity is the ultimate matchmaker, forging unbreakable bonds and creating a support system that’s stronger than steel.
  4. Fresh Perspectives: Adversity isn’t just a speed bump; it’s a scenic detour that opens our eyes to new possibilities. When life throws us a curveball, we’re forced to take a different route, often stumbling upon breathtaking views and unexpected adventures along the way.
  5. Innovation Station: Let’s be real, necessity is the mother of invention, right? When we’re backed into a corner, our creative juices start flowing like never before, leading to some seriously game-changing solutions.

While I wish with all my heart that I had gotten to where I am a different way, I am grateful that I learned how to grow from this trauma and turn it into a new passion to help others do the same. If you have been sucker-punched, and have no idea where to turn, message me. Whether you’re looking to bounce back from a setback or simply want to supercharge your personal and professional growth, I’ve got your back!

Feel free to hit reply and let’s chat about how we can turn those tough times into triumphs!

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